Top 5 Best Cosmetic Brushes

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Wearing makeup will not only make you look beautiful but feel confident as well, especially when applied properly. You can use various tools, including your finger, to apply makeup. However, the most common and efficient tools used to achieve a flawless look are cosmetic brushes.

Unfortunately, buying makeup brushes can be overwhelming. Remember, there is an extensive selection of makeup brushes available on the market. Aside from that, you also need to check the quality of the brushes to ensure that you’ll get all your money’s worth.

This may seem like a daunting task, but we can help you find the best makeup brush set. Plus, this article also contains information about the different types of cosmetic brushes, features to consider when buying makeup brushes, and the proper way to use and clean your cosmetic brushes.

Types of Cosmetic Brushes

There are two different types of cosmetic brushes, and each type has its own purpose.

  • Natural Cosmetic Brushes – Natural cosmetic brushes are made with animal hair. These extremely durable brushes work well with powders, such as eyeshadows and bronzers. This is because they are full of texture, so you can apply the makeup better. Plus, natural brushes can move freely, allowing you to pick up enough makeup in a single swipe and blend it out perfectly.
  • Synthetic Cosmetic Brushes – Synthetic cosmetic brushes are typically made of manmade bristles, like nylon or other synthetic fibers. Aside from that, this type of brushes doesn’t have a cuticle, making them great for liquid or cream makeup products, such as concealer and foundation. Also, these brushes are perfect for precision application. 

Best Buy Cosmetic Brushes:

1. SHANY Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set

SHANY Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set

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SHANY believes that everyone deserves to get a fresh runway look at a fraction of a cost. Thus, this US-based company offers high-quality and versatile beauty products not only for professionals but for beginners as well. Today, SHANY is a well-recognized brand in the beauty industry due to their exceptional products that don’t break the bank.

Designed by professional make-up artists, the SHANY Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush set features 24 handmade cosmetic brushes. The brushes are made with microfiber bristles and animal hair, but they are crafted in a cruelty-free way. Plus, they are resilient, soft, and long-lasting. Moreover, they are also hypoallergenic, and they have antibacterial-treated bristles.

Aside from those features, the handles of the brushes are made with sturdy oak wood with a black finish, making them look sleek and fashionable. Also included in the package are a storage box and a roll-up pouch where you can store the brushes. Finally, the brushes have a comfortable weight; hence, you can handle them easily.

The SHANY Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set is certainly one of the top cosmetic brushes available on the market, especially considering its reasonable price. However, some reviewers have noted that the brushes are prone to shedding. Aside from that, some of the brushes have also disconnected after a few months of use.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has antibacterial-treated bristles
  • Comes with a roll-up pouch and storage box
  • Reasonably priced


  • Shedding issues
  • Some handles are not durable

2. EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

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Headquartered in the US, EmaxDesign is a popular brand of E-gine Technology Corp. Throughout the years, this brand has built a long-term relationship with and earned the respect of their international customers due to the top-notch quality of their products.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet high-quality cosmetic brush set, the EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set is an excellent choice. It boasts 12 makeup brushes that can hold the pigment of your makeup. Plus, these handmade brushes are made with premium synthetic fiber, which can provide an excellent feel and touch. Also, you can use these makeup brushes to apply all sorts of makeup, whether it’s liquid, powder, or cream.

Another great feature of these cosmetic brushes is their handles, which are made with high-quality bamboo. Additionally, you can handle or use these brushes with ease, thanks to their lightweight design. Also, the set comes with a pouch where you can store the brushes. Lastly, this makeup brush set is designed by professionals, ensuring that they are sturdy and long-lasting. 

The EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set is certainly a great kit you can purchase. However, some reviewers have noted that the fluff brushes could be denser. Nonetheless, this brush set is still a noteworthy product, especially considering its affordable price and quality.


  • Made with natural wood and synthetic bristles
  • Comes with a carry pouch
  • Has a travel-friendly design


  • Fluff brushes could be denser

3. EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit

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Founded by sisters Stacey and Jen, EcoTools aims to make women look good on the outside and feel good on the inside by providing their customers with chic, affordable, and high-quality products. Aside from that, products from this brand are made with recycled, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free materials, which are great for vegans.

The Ecotools Start the Day Beautifully Kit contains five cosmetic brushes, including a foundation brush, blush brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, and an angled liner brush. These brushes are made with recycled and sustainable materials, and they can help you apply makeup flawlessly. Plus, the set includes beauty look cards that contain useful information for achieving certain looks.

The handles of these brushes are made with bamboo, a very durable material. Aside from that, the packaging of this brush set is made of tree-free paper, making it an eco-friendly product. Lastly, this brush set is PETA certified, meaning it is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

With all these great features, the EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit is surely one of the best vegan makeup brushes available on the market. However, this product has a few shortcomings. For one, its bristles are a bit stiff. Additionally, the brushes can’t hold powdered products. Still, you can use the brushes for liquid and cream-based makeup products.


  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Environment-friendly product


  • Bristles are a bit stiff
  • Can’t hold powdered makeup products

4. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials for Beginners

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

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Real Techniques was founded by Samantha and Nicola Chapman in 2011. These two women aim to help women transform their makeup routine by providing them with expert advice and high-quality tools. Today, cosmetic brushes from this company are popular and highly-rated due to their top-notch quality.

Aside from being lightweight and easy to use, the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials can help accentuate your favorite features and enhance your natural bone structure, taking your look to the next level.

This cosmetic brush set features a makeup blending sponge and four brushes, including a blush brush, foundation brush, powder brush, and an eyeshadow brush. The blush brush and powder brush have soft and fluffy bristles, which are great for blending powder blush. The foundation brush, on the other hand, has firm bristles, which you can use to buff cream and liquid foundations. As for the eyeshadow brush, it has dense bristles, and it is great for blending and layering cream and powdered eyeshadows. Lastly, its makeup blending sponge is soft and flexible, which you can use to blend cream and liquid foundations.

Overall, this cosmetic brush set from Real Techniques has ultra-plush and soft bristles. Plus, they are cruelty-free. Also, with these brushes, you won’t streak makeup all over your face, thanks to their hand-cut hair design. The only downside for this product is the foundation brush, which is a bit small for some users.


  • Great for beginners
  • Ultra-plush
  • Cruelty-free
  • Comes with a panoramic case
  • Affordable


  • Foundation brush may be small for some users

5. Sephora Collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set for Sensitive Skin

Sephora Collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set

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Headquartered in France, Sephora is a multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970. This company features nearly 300 brands of personal care and beauty products, including its own private label.

If you have sensitive skin, the Sephora Collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set is an excellent product you can use. It features eight brushes, including a powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, eye blender brush, lip liner brush, flat eyeliner brush, angled eye shadow brush, and a brow brush.

One of the best features of this brush set is its bristles, which are treated with cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, making your brushes fresh for a long time. Plus, these professional-quality brushes are treated with a hypoallergenic compound that attacks and destroys bacteria, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Lastly, the brushes have soft synthetic fibers that distribute the right amount of pigment, giving you a flawless look.

With all these great features, the Sephora Collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set is certainly one of the top cosmetic brushes on the market. However, it is a bit expensive compared to the other products on this list. Aside from that, the foundation brush is too small for some users.


  • Treated with antimicrobial technology
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Comes with a leather brush pouch


  • Foundation brush is a bit small for some users
  • A bit expensive

What to Look for in Cosmetic Brushes


The quality of cosmetic brushes is one of the most important features you need to consider. This is not based on the product’s price. Remember, there are affordable brushes made with high-quality materials. To check the quality, you need to feel the bristles. They shouldn’t feel ragged. Plus, they shouldn’t break or lose a mass of hair. Aside from that, the bristle should also be placed in a sturdy metal base that doesn’t wobble.


Some cosmetic brushes are multi-purpose; however, most of them are made for a specific use or purpose. As such, when buying a makeup brush, you have to opt for a product that will meet your needs. For example, a powder or foundation brush is not suited for precision jobs, like applying eyeliner or concealer. So, you need to opt for cosmetic brushes meant for the makeup you’re going to apply.

Shape, Size, and Weight

Cosmetic brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and weights. To choose the best brush, you need to consider your hand size and application method. As much as possible, opt for brushes that you can use with ease.

How to Use Cosmetic Brushes

The proper way to use cosmetic brushes will depend on the type of brush you’re using. As such, you have to know the different types of makeup brushes and their purpose to use them efficiently. To give you a better view, here are some of the most common brushes, along with the right way to use them.

Powder Brush

A powder brush is a thick and full-fibered brush that can perform a lot of beauty tasks. When using this type of brush to apply a loose or pressed foundation, simply dip the brush into the powdered product and swirl it on your face in circles until you achieve even coverage. For best results, start in the middle of your face and work your way out.

Blush Brush

A blush brush looks like a powder brush; however, it is a bit shorter as they only cover a small area. To use this brush, apply makeup to both sides of the brush. Afterward, lightly swirl it on your cheek and blend it up toward your cheekbone.

How to Clean Your Cosmetic Brushes

A common cause of unwanted breakouts or acne is the buildup of bacteria in your cosmetic brushes, so you must clean your makeup brushes on a weekly basis. Don’t worry! This is a simple process. Here are seven steps you can follow to clean your cosmetic brushes.

  1. Wet the bristles of your cosmetic brushes with lukewarm water.
  2. Place a drop of dishwashing soap or shampoo on your palm.
  3. Swirl the brush in the water and gently massage the tips of the brush on your palm.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Squeeze the excess out water with a clean towel.
  6. Reshape the head of the brush.
  7.  Let the brush dry.
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