Top 5 Best Cat Litters

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Cleaning a litter box is one of the messiest parts for every cat parent. However, it can be completed easily if you have a high-quality litter. But again, what makes you, as a pet parent happy, can be exactly the opposite of what your cat prefers to be comfortable with. If you get the wrong scent or texture, your cat will opt to finish its business outside the litter box.

Thus, we have a guide with adequate cat litter for your cat. The list has the finest, and to ensure that we select only reliable products, we have taken suggestions from top veterinarians. With their suggestions, we tested different litters, comprising wood, corn, grass, clay, and more. After collecting the review samples, we came up with this fantastic guide. It has all the details to give you apt assistance for completing your purchase.

All the products listed below are tested and proven suitable for use. Thus, you can pick one without a doubt. They have assured manufacturers that they will give you the best solutions for your cat. Read to the end and check all details to get your pet’s best cat litter.

Cat Litter: What Is It?

Cat litter is an essential product for each cat owner, as most indoor cats do not have access to soil. This product offers a suitable setting for your kitty to finish its business without much trouble. And so, cat litter is a vital product that cat owners must purchase to make their pets feel comfortable.

The most common cat litter is clay-based and has a natural odor and good absorbent qualities. Yet, there are multiple products known online and around today.

One most common material is silica, made using silica gel and less dusty and light weighted compared to clay. Yet, silica can be quite toxic for your cat if they consume it.

The safest litter you can use for kittens is made using biodegradable materials as they are environment friendly and an ideal solution for kittens that like eating litter.

The most reliable biodegradable litter is manufactured from ingredients like:

  • Newspaper
  • Woodchips
  • Sawdust
  • Wheat
  • Grains
  • Corn
  • And other plant-based litter

All of these are ideal for absorbing and eliminating odor perfectly. Picking an ideal cat litter for your cat is highly essential for all pet parents and cat owners. Using it ensures more safety and better comfort.

So, according to an overall view, cat litter is a perfect solution for convenient cleaning and managing, irrespective of its material.

What Makes Cats Like Cat Litters?

Undoubtedly, purchasing a high-end cat litter for your little kitty will give you a clean and secure setting in your home. It manages easy cleaning of feces and protects against infections. Cats adore soil or dirt as it gives them a natural tendency to dig and round up by creating a safe space. And thus, to replicate and replace that ideal comfort area for them, cat owners use cat litter.

To claim their respective territory and interact with fellow cats in the locality, an aggressive feral cat will usually leave their feces in the open. Yet, most prefer covering it up and using a comfortable litter box for excretion. So, try opting for a cat litter that is comfortable and likable for your pet. 

How to identify the perfect cat litter?

To get the most suitable cat litter, you first must understand what a good cat litter looks like. Check these aspects to make a worthy choice and get the most suitable litter.

  1. Clump or no clump

Many known cat litters are manufactured using liquid-absorbent particles that clump around the waste materials. One can also flush some of them. For a maximum number of cats, picking a clumping litter is the most suitable choice. Experts suggest going for such materials only. It is because clumps help easily get rid of feces and urine, and one does not need to get rid of the entire litter box but scoop the part and replace it with new litter. Also, studies suggest that cats also prefer using clumping litter over the rest. However, there can be incidences when you wish to get a non-clumping litter, but if your cat has had recent surgery, then this litter will instantly stick on and create random issues.

  • Smell

It is vital to pick litter that can easily help mask all the foul odor; however, vets advise not using litter with added fragrances. Researchers claim that these scents can prevent cats from using their litter box and messing around it. So, if you want to choose alternatives for fragrances, go for ingredients like baking soda and charcoal, as they help conceal the odor rather than cover it. Also, the best way to prevent odor is to scoop the litter without fail. Nobody likes extra messiness, and if you fail to clean the litter box regularly, your cat will certainly not like how it smells. So, clean and freshen the litter box frequently to make its purpose suitable for your cat.

  • Dust levels

Certain types of litter, particularly the clay ones, create a lot of dust, which can further be annoying for animals and humans. In addition, if you are allergic to dust or have a tiny bathroom area, opt for better suitable materials like grains.

  • Content

Earlier clay was used to make cat litter, and to date, it is one of the finest materials that help absorb moisture and clump around your cat’s waste. However, the drawback of using this material is that you cannot flush it; thus, brands are now switching to alternative material options like crystals, wheat, and corn that can clump and flush down easily. In addition, clay cannot biodegrade easily and takes much more time than corn and other products. Thus opting for one of these options is more suitable than any of the rest for eco-friendly moves.

  • Clay – The most commonly used material that people opt for is clay. This litter introduction helped in making cat litter more effective. The material clumps, eliminating the need to replace the litter daily and giving maximum benefits while emptying the tray. Further, the clumping nature prevents odor from escaping the granules and covering them the most. One can easily find clay litters, which are also a cost-efficient option. Sadly, the material is dusty and heavy-weighted, and once it gets wet and clumpy, it forms a firm layer around the box, making it even more difficult to remove. There is a fair share of profits and drawbacks of clay litter. However, you can check for alternatives if it is not a suitable option for you.
  • Wood – Another fantastic option is wood. This material easily helps in absorbing liquid and clumping. However, they are dusty, and wood does not clump as well as clay. You can also flush certain types of wood litter, but not all. In addition, the pellets can get stuck in the cat’s paws and cause a mess around the house.
  • Wheat – A fantastic material to opt for if you want to flush the cat litter is wheat; however, note the guidelines, as certain areas prohibit flushing cat litter at all costs. Also, wheat has a decent natural smell but does not smell quite great with cat urine, and it tracks easily and is very lightweight.
  • Corn – This substance is a litter heavier in comparison to wheat. It is eco-friendly and offers natural clumping abilities not found in most other cat litter.
  • Newspaper – Recycled papers can be a stunning option for your cat’s litter, yet modern-day cat litters are still ahead of these materials. Newspaper pellets are quite absorbent and also eco-friendly by nature. However, tracking can be an issue once these materials get wet.
  • Crystal – The most expensive option amongst them all is crystal litter. Crystals are manufactured with the assistance of silica gel along with oxygen and water. These materials can absorb particles multiple times their weight and thus become large after absorbing sufficient liquid. So, by this, we mean that even though crystals may not have abilities to clump, one can effortlessly skim them out from the litter box and separate them from the fresh ones. In addition, crystals are lightweight and don’t create much dust. However, they are pretty pricey compared to most other litter materials.
  • Weight

The weight of the litter is also an essential factor to note. Clay litters are heavy and thus require much effort to empty the bag or the container while cleaning. Further, it can cause the litter box to become very heavy once full. For certain individuals, weight might not be an issue, but some prefer a litter that is not heavy. Lightweight materials are simpler to clean, carry and store but can get trapped in your cat’s paws, creating a mess around the house. So, get suitable litters that prevent trapping in paws and give you effortless cleaning.

Below are the top 5 cat litters for you. We suggest looking at each one’s features and details to get the most satisfying litter for your cat. Check these top brands and get a suitable litter from the best today.

Top 5 Best Cat Litters

World’s Best Cat Litter

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This Cat Litter is known to be one of the most pleasing litters that one can come across. It is a cost-efficient yet not the cheapest cat litter on our list. The corn-based cat litter has low dust and clumps quite instantly. However, it still has a little dust which can be a hassle for individuals with allergies.

The litter is the best natural litter that is eco-friendly, easy to clean, and odor-absorbing. Generally, this is the world’s best cat litter and an excellent option.

Overall, the cat litter does well, particularly when concealing the foul odor created by the mess. Also, its instant clumping nature helps cat owners scoop regularly and prevent replacement or throwing away the entire litter. So, it saves on additional costs and gives the best outcomes for buyers.

In addition, the World’s Best has a fantastic range of cat litter varieties specifically manufactured for multi- and single-cat owners; they also have scented options. However, the standard cat litter is the best amongst all of their picks as it conceals the foul smell pretty impressively compared to other known cat litter brands. This cat litter perfectly removes all the foul odors of urine and cat poop.

This multi-cat litter is amazingly lightweight which makes it very easy to transport, and it is much less dusty than other traditional clay litter.

Lastly, the use of corn is the ultimate add-on. It ensures that the cat litter has all the benefits and is eco-friendly. Altogether, we consider this cat litter the finest one can pick for their beautiful cat pets.


  • Controls odor and conceals it perfectly
  • Septic is safe and can be easily flushed
  • Completely lightweight for easy management
  • Prevents maximum dust
  • Suitable for all cats


  • Eco-friendly corn-based cat litter
  • Conceals odor
  • Very low dust


  • It might produce little dust
  • It offers moderate odor control and requires regular scooping for better results.
  • Lightweight

Purina Tidy Cats Litter

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This is another top-notch cat litter you must try. This Clumping Clay Cat Litter from Purina is strongly scented and a very inexpensive option if you are looking for odor-concealing cat litter. The product is manufactured with clay and uses charcoal to trap odor and prevent the smell of feces and urine from spreading in your home. It is one of the finest scented litters that your cat might also not avoid using.

It is a fantastic cat litter that instantly forms clumps, is quite effortless to scoop, and controls the odor, simplifying your replacing job. In addition, Purina claims that the cat litter is manufactured with a dust-free formula so that you don’t get your face filled with dust clay while filling your litter box.

The Purina clay litter is also ideal for allergic and asthmatic cats. However, it is quite heavy, which may be trouble for some individuals while cleaning and disposing of it. Also, heavier litter tends to track slowly, so check on this feature before making a purchase.

However, despite claims, the cat litter produces quite a lot of dust while pouring into the container box. The litter is so absorbent that the liquid sometimes soaks through to the bottom of the box before clumping. The subsequent urine clumps can crumble and can leave behind small pieces while scoop.

Also, it does not lump well while tracking urine and liquids.


  • Natural strong scent to cover the foul odor
  • Tracks urine and feces efficiently
  • Heavyweight
  • Best for allergic and asthmatic cats
  • Inexpensive


  • Non-clumping litters: For busy cats’ owners, non-clumping litters by Tidy Cats can sustain for up to a week, without producing annoying odors.
  • Contains clay granules that lock away moisture
  • Cost-efficient
  • Features activated charcoal for odor control


  • Heavy
  • Quite dusty
  • Fails to absorb all urine

Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter

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The Fresh Step Unscented Clay Cat Litter is your most reliable option if your cat is moody and choosy. This cat litter has an odor-defense ability that traps the smell and prevents the irritating ammonia smell from spreading in your residence. It has no add-on perfumes, dyes, or fragrances, making it a suitable option for choosy cats. The cat litter is a fantastic option to scoop your cat’s feces and urine well. Further, it is also best for human’s sensitive to strong fragrances and scents, especially the ones with allergies.

This litter is made using clay, a favorite for most cats, and thus must not be a major issue. Further, it efficiently clumps and quickly absorbs all the urine, thus simplifying cleaning and scooping feces. Also, the ammonia smell is concealed well and not spread in the home via air or other factors.

These clumps also use the minimal litter and help you save on your cash over time. Also, the litter fails to create large clumps like the other litters do and perfectly tracks the urine for cleaning purposes.

This multi-use litter offers a great absorbing driveway oil and grease spills paint and cleans up better tire and foot traction on slippery roads as well as freshening trash cans and diaper pails.

Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter needs less scooping time, and it’s made to handle even the most smelling messes. Compared to other non-clumping clay litters, this litter need less to get the same odor-fighting benefits. Offensive odors are removed using the CarbonPLUS technology in it to keep the litter fresh for a longer time. 

Lastly, it has a low dust formula, making it simpler and safer. It is a perfect option for people and cats allergic to dust. The best features and specs make this cat litter another fantastic option on this list. Pick it for the best possible outcomes.


  • Absorbs urine and feces efficiently
  • Claims to absorb 50% more waste
  • It has no add-on fragrances and scents
  • Manufactured and formed with smooth contents
  • Improves cleaning and offers smooth scooping


  • Low dust formation
  • No scents
  • Manufactured from clay
  • Effortless clumping
  • Uses a minimal amount of clay


  • Packaging issues

sWheat Cat Litter

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Another unusual and fantastic cat litter option is the sWheat Cat Litter. It is a perfect litter for your cat and has the best materials for clumping needs. They offer cat litter made from different particles, from crystals to clay. Also, the cat litter is eco-friendly and is made from wheat which makes disposing of it even simpler.

sWheat cat litter provides a natural alternative that is good for the environment around and less harmful to your cat’s health all while still accomplishing all the required functions of cat litter. They tend to offer natural odor control throughout. 

The wheat did a fantastic job at absorbing all the urine in your cat’s litter box. It left the box dry without any moisture on the bottom or the sides. As soon as the wheat had contact with the urine, it immediately soaked it up, and clumped it into hard firm clumps right away. There are no litter god wasters, and the cat unused litter never got wet. 

Further, this unscented litter uses wheat’s original cent and properties and thus is ultra-absorbent and perfectly reliable for households with many cats. The cat litter is also flushable; however, ensure you read the guidelines to know the perfect method to flush it correctly. Also, note that certain areas prohibit flushing of cat litter, so check on guidelines and take action accordingly. In addition, the cat litter is also dust-free; however, it is a little more expensive than the other options available on the market.

But, overall, it tracks urine and feces poorly, so that you may need a little extra cleaning around the tray often. Also, the cat litter fails to clump quite well, so you may have to get rid of the solid particles or replace the cat litter often.


  • Eco-friendly and flushable
  • Easy to clean and replace
  • Suitable for houses with many cats
  • Dust-free
  • Unscented cat litter
  • Slightly Expensive


  • Made with natural wheat
  • Eliminate odor naturally
  • Dust-free
  • Scoops easily


  • Tracks poorly
  • Fails to clump well

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter

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Last but not least, if you are seeking the ideal litter for your kitty, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter is the most inexpensive and suitable option. It has traditional contents like clay and clumps all the natural waste quite efficiently. Also, the cat litter form long-lasting clumps and is a suitable pick for choosy cats.

The litter offers cat litters to relieve the respiratory problems, and resolve litter box odors, and to address the unique needs of your kittens and senior cats.

Dr. Elsey cat ultra-clumping cat litter does not produce the scent, which is prefer over heavily perfumed cat litter. In your experience, you will note that this scented cat litters don’t mask bad smells as much as they become the offending odor.   

Despite being a cat litter manufactured from clay, the product does not produce much dust; however, you can expect little minor particles and clay pieces sometimes. Also, similar to the other cat litter, it forms solid clumps once wet, which means cleaning the litter tray can be quite a task for most owners.

Clay litters have profits and demerits, yet some users still prefer using them for the best. This litter forms solid clumps that are very tough to remove from the litter without emptying the complete tray. Otherwise, cat litter is a perfect option for all. It is quite inexpensive and gives ideal outcomes.  

However, ensure you do not flush this cat litter. In addition, it creates some dust that can get stuck in your cat’s paws. Overall, it is a perfect option for users that want manageable work and perfect clumping at low costs.


  • High-quality cat litter with premium content
  • Low-dust production
  • Offers hard and solid clumping
  • Best odor control
  • Low tracking abilities


  • Cost -efficient
  • Form hard clumps instantly
  • Lesser dust
  • High-quality clay material
  • Easily scoopable


  • Produces minor dust
  • Fails to cover urine smell
  • Cleaning the litter box is troublesome

Top Advantages for Cats to choose Cat litters

1. It helps cats in covering their tracks

Cats used to reside in the wilderness, where hunters waited to prey on them until people kept them secure and gave them the warmth of domestic surroundings, which everyone knows cats love. Yet, cats need to conceal their waste consistently; cat litters are important for cats since they offer a way of covering their tracks.

2. Cat litter assists in preventing stench

Your cat knows if you have ever gone into the washroom and exits immediately because of the smell. Similarly, if the cat litter is excessively full of litter, your cat will not use it, so make sure to clean and maintain it regularly, chiefly if you own more than a cat. On the other hand, cats will avoid using the litter box if it is overly aromatic. It would be best to find the perfect balance, which is what a cat litter does.

3. Cat litters have the right consistency

The consistency of the cat litter is a big problem for cats. A cat will not use a litter box if the grains are too rough or if the grains are too big since it does not feel right under their paws. Keep in mind that cats like to dig the litter grains before and after doing business. As a result, the litter satisfies the kitten to relish a smooth texture that feels comfortable for their paws.

4. Cat litter helps in reducing dust

Litter box dust is a major health issue for cats and their owners who suffer from respiratory problems. If your cat has breathing or asthmatic issues, the best thing to do is to prevent utilizing dusty litter, as it can increase the hassle. Also, it might not even worsen asthma, but it may also cause it. So the best usable litter box helps reduce health problems not just for you but also for anyone in your family with respiratory problems.

5. Cat Litters Aid Better Comfort 

So, you have bought the best cat litter that is soft, does not smell bad, and is dust free, for which your cat will always be grateful. But few cats may still not utilize it, so it is advised to take extra precautions, which pushes your felines to go into the box for their business.

Given these advantages, it can be tough to recognize why your cat avoids the litter box. Let’s review some top-notch causes.

What are the disadvantages for your cat in avoiding its litter?

If your feline formally utilized the litter box frequently but did not use it anymore, one of the following factors could be the cause:

  1. Trouble entering the cat litter The entrance or wrap of the litter box may prevent your cat from easily accessing it.
  2. Incorrect positioning – Generally, one must modify or change the litter box’s location.
  3. The litter grains are not enough – Your cat may like additional grains for it to dig.
  4. Inappropriate cleanliness – Altering the material of the litter more often might be helpful.
  5. Cat desires another type of litter – Slowly make your kitty accustomed to a different type of litter and examine the cat’s reaction towards the litter.
  6. Pressure – Improper dumping of waste, i.e., urination and excretion outside the litter tray, is one of the top clear signs of pressure or stress in felines.
  7. Infection – If your kitty is still not utilizing the cat litter, it might become unwell with conditions like urinary tract diseases.


Using the most suitable cat litter for your pet is important. Being a cat owner, one must identify its need and get the best possible solutions for their pets. A cat litter creates a suitable environment for all cats in homes, especially for the ones that are house cats. Using cat litter can benefit not just your pet but even you in many ways. It prevents creating a mess and gives you a clean setting in your home at all times.

Thus, pick the most suitable cat litter from the options listed. All the products above are trusted and will result in profitable outcomes. So, get your ideal cat litter today and please your pet the most.

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