Top 10 Hair Straighteners That Will Blow Your Mind

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You’re a smart girl, and also you love that sharp look given by the straight hair. For getting such an amazing look, you’re to have the best hair straightener[d1] .

The thing is – nowadays you can barely say whenever you spend for the quality and exactly when you waste the money.

Honestly, that is the reason why I have created this site. As I have been a hairstylist for more than five years, I’ve gained much expertise in this area.

So, you may consider me as your personal guide when it comes to hairstyling.

Here you will find the maximum info about all the things in terms of hair straighteners.

A comprehensive guide will assist you to discover the top 10 hair straighteners for your pocket and your hair.

Therefore, allow me a short while and I will reveal to you exactly what I am searching for when making reviews for hair straightener.

I will do the best just to make this as straightforward as possible. Keep reading.

Reviews of 10 Best Hair Straighteners:

1. Philips HP8302 Selfie Essential Straightener

Philips HP8302 Selfie Essential Straightener

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Philips HP8302, undoubtedly, is a popular hair straightener which comes at a cost-effective price. This unique straightener is built with a pair of ceramic plated that is frictionless and wide.

The plates are frictionless that makes it simple for flat iron to straighten your hair swiftly without damaging or overheating them.

It is compact, light in weight and takes 60 seconds only for plates to get heated. The fast heating of plates will save up time, consumption of power and makes your hair glossy and shiny.

This is an impressive straightener with power intake of approximately 110V-120V. However, the pates are thin and take time to straighten the thick as well as long hair.

This is just suitable for individuals with small-medium sized locks and thin hair. This is one of the top 10 hair straightners out there. [d2] 


  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • No damage
  • Simple to use
  • Less expensive
  • Includes a warranty


  • You have to take precautions when using it as there may be a threat of being burnt

2. CHI Original Flat Hair 1″ Straightening Iron

CHI Original Flat Hair 1" Straightening Iron

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If you want your next or first straightener, then it is ideal to buy the best iron in the industry of beauty known for making high-quality straighteners. You can’t make a mistake with the CHI Original Flat Hair 1″ Straightening Iron.

If you don’t like waiting for the flat iron to get hot, you will love this particular iron. It is hard to describe how quick this device is for heating! It sustains a steady heat for the moment that you make use of it.

Needless to say, this device creates healthy, wavy and silky hair which you will be happy with. A lot of ions also provide the hair color and the body life. It is the ideal size to turn, curl or smooth.

Many ladies have no clue how crucial getting the appropriate straightener truly is. Simply go through the hair, and it is smooth, shiny, silky and straight- and, evenly important, it remains that way day long!


  • Includes long cord
  • Will reduce the styling time
  • Manufactured from top quality materials
  • Offers dual voltage, perfect for travelers


  • Has limited settings
  • May not suit the delicate hair

3. Kemei KM329 40W Hair Straightener

Kemei KM329 40W Hair Straightener

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The sole thing which stands apart about this flat iron is it offers you the ability to regulate the temperature thus you will never be left guessing.

You will find 4 settings for temperature that can be easily set using the button.

Additionally, the temperature is shown by light therefore you will never lose the track. The ceramic layer on plates stops hair from firmly sticking on this which, thus, prevents damage and breakage.

In addition, it plays a role in adding glow and eliminating the fizziness which comes with the wet tresses (oh yes, you can also use this even with the wet hair).

However, as you can easily use this with the wet hair, this eliminates the necessity to run your hairdryer, consequently, helping you save tons of effort and time.


  • Quick heating
  • Offers multi-purpose use
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It can heat around 220-degrees in 30 seconds


  • Has no warranty
  • Not appropriate for thick and curly hairs

4. Havells HS4101 Purple Hair Straightener

Havells HS4101 Purple Hair Straightener

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Havells is the most trustworthy hair straightener manufacturer in the marketplace. This noteworthy Havells HS4101 Purple Hair Straightener comes with the floating ceramic layered plates with plates lock method, power button, and a lot more features.

Aside from the important features, this flat iron additionally comes with the PTC heating feature. Therefore it assists you to straighten the hair gradually.

This hair straightener has all key features which you may need for the regular use. Additionally, the price of the device is also affordable and it is the main reason why it’s on this list of top straightener reviews.

You can easily get superb use from PTC heating since plates are pretty wide and also you can use this for your intention. It is definitely the best hair straightener for your fine hair.


  • Offers high temperature
  • It works on every type of hair
  • Lowest heating time possible too


  • It is not perfect for the shorter hairstyles

5. Philips HP8316 Kerashine Straightener For Hair

Philips HP8316 Kerashine Straightener For Hair

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This Philips HP8316 Kerashine Straightener For Hair is made out of keratin coating and ionic technology, both of that will make sure that you can get beautiful and straight hair within a short time possible.

This has the large plates that are made to achieve thick and long hair with minimum damage.

The Philips HP8316 Kerashine Straightener is undoubtedly your trusted hair straightener in terms of giving an extremely-smooth shine.

This device includes a ceramic layer fused with the keratin that is utilized to activate natural keratin found in the hair and thus give it an awesome shine.

However, keratin in the hair is protected and sealed using this flat iron by closing the cuticles down by the temperature generated.

Moreover, this flat iron is the ideal hair straightener having all the prominent features such as ceramic layered plates, temperature settings and a lot more. Needless to say, the company provides a 24 months warranty on this product.


  • Big plates
  • Quick heating
  • All set to use indicator
  • Simple lock for hassle-free storage


  • It has one setting for power only

6. HSI Professional Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Hair Straightener

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If you are trying to transform the frizzy, dull hair into sleek, straight and silky locks, then this HSI Professional Hair Straightener is an incredible opportunity to try it out.

Its 1″ plates are super-simple to control, thus no matter the type of hair, you will find it easy to design and go.

Its swivel long cord will keep this flat iron from getting twisted up throughout use. It’s ergonomically made grip makes for a simpler hold, and flexible heat settings offer you total control for styling.

For making this package a much better deal, you will get it with heatproof glove to maintain your pinkies secure from burns, with “Argan-oil” hair treatment as well as an awesome satin red storage back for keeping your flat iron from getting twisted up with the other heated tools.


  • Fast heat-up feature
  • Temperature is easily adjustable
  • Great for making various hairstyles
  • It works best on all lengths and types of hair


  • Short plates
  • Does not sustain high heats

7. Remington S9500PP Pro Pearl Flat Iron

Remington S9500PP Pro Pearl Flat Iron

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When the goal is to show the frizz away and tame all those tight, long curls as well as transform them into stunning loose curls, this Remington S9500PP Pro Pearl Flat Iron gets the job done easily.

This Remington S9500PP includes many hi-tech and intriguing features folded into it. Its anti-static system is quite standard in the hairstyling items made to fight the frizz. I will not weary you with technical things.

The one-inch ceramic pearl infused plate is another most amazing thing about the brilliantly made flat iron. This assists the plate slip over your hair smoothly, preventing the strands from having snagged.

Furthermore, it assists with even supply of heat throughout the plate, therefore eliminating hotspots.

When it comes to fire, ensure that the flat iron does not set your home on fire rather than the stage. It is good to know that it features a 1 hr auto shut down feature.


  • Inexpensive
  • Has swivel cord
  • Amazing digital display
  • Quality and performance are acceptable


  • Needs a while to heat up

8. CONAIR INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Hair straightener

CONAIR INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Hair straightener

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This versatile CONAIR INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Hair straightener allows you to treat the hair for a shiny and sleek look with minimum effort.

The floating extra-long plates enable a simpler and faster styling process, which means you can easily spend much less time attempting to perfect the ideal look.

For helping you save more time and effort, the hair straightener faster is 3 times softer than normal, letting your tresses to glide effortlessly and quickly while you style this.

At the same time, this product is made out of tourmaline ceramic system, which reduces the frizz in the hair and even keeps the flyaways away.

You will find many advantages of using CONAIR INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Hair straightener.

However, this product is manufactured from fairly flimsy material as well as may not go very far as a result. On the whole, this is a powerful product which can be very useful for a variety of hair types.


  • Smoothness and high shine
  • Decreases flyaways and frizz
  • 3 times softer surface for quicker glide


  • It won’t last long
  • The plates do not close completely

9. Remington S5500 Anti-Static Hair Straightener

Remington S5500 Anti-Static Hair Straightener

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Remington S5500 Anti-Static Hair Straightener is a recognized product in the industry of hair-styling. Remington’s hair straighteners have profoundly dominated the marketplace for a long time.

If you’re struggling with flyaways and hair static, it can be the appropriate product for you.

However, what I enjoyed about this hair straightener is how secure it looks. As I mentioned, you can easily and digitally control its temperature, and in case you miss to turn this down, it will turn off on auto-pilot, after 25 minutes.

Still, if you need an iron which runs through the hair smoothly, then you might prefer to avoid this one. This will pull the hair that can be annoying and painful too.

If you prefer to travel, then you might need to use adapter for this. As a final point, its off switch is positioned right where the hand grips its handle that means you may end up pressing it in error.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • It’s high-quality and cheap
  • Can heat up in 15 seconds
  • Will stay hot after several passes


  • A few ceramic plates aren’t correctly aligned

10. xtava Professional 2″ Hair Straightener

xtava Professional 2" Hair Straightener

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xtava Professional 2″ Hair Straightener, believe it or not, is the best deal in terms of straightening coarse and thick hair without delay.

This hair straightener has 2″ wide tourmaline ceramic floating plates which are built to reduce the effects of negative ions as well as frizziness.

One more innovating concept this hair straightener use is infrared heating system.

This feature can heat hair from inside out that offers a more efficient heat for hairstyling and reduces harm to the exterior of the hair, while induces negative ions as well as helps to lock in the moisture.

At the same time, this Xtava hair straightener has user-friendly buttons and digital LCD screen which lets you pick from 10 heat settings.

Finally, with this double voltage hair straightener, your hair will look stylish and sleek, even if you travel worldwide. Additionally, it includes a handy travel case, intended for comfortable pack and storage.


  • LCD display
  • Double Voltage
  • 1 hr auto turn off function
  • Comes with 360° rotating cord


  • It takes over one minute to get hot

Buying Guide For The Best Hair Straighteners!

I will not lie – I’m a type of person who gets thrilled about a superb bargain and even I love having the best “bang” for the bucks. But you will find a number of things you have to consider while you are all set to pick the top straightener for the hair.

Not to mention, budget is just one of many considerations. Here’s a short instructional video for you. [d3] 

  1. What’s The Best Form Of Straightener For The Type Of My Hair?

Needless to say, you will find different types of hair and several uses to think about as well. I already outlined the iron size for your hair length, but exactly what about super curly or thicker hair?

However, if you possess thick, long hair, then Philips HP8302 deserves my vote. This is excellent for straightening your long hair however if you need curls, then it’s not one to get.

When you have the naturally curly locks which you desire to tame after that the Kemei KM329 receives my vote because the gel layer on it truly assists to pull this smoothly and cleanly through the hair.

  • Should I Purchase A Professional Hair Straightener?

If you are able to pay for it and you’re likely to be making use of the iron regularly, a professional hair straightener may be your best option.

A more expensive and better quality iron can last longer as well as this will be significantly kinder to the hair than an inexpensive model.

Pro irons use top quality materials, the electrical elements are superior, and on the whole, they do less harm to the hair.

  • Wet Hair:

A number of hair straighteners claim to do well for the wet hair however damp and wet are 2 different things.

You will find a few hair straighteners which work well on the damp hair as well as they work truly well on the dry hair still they don’t really perform as they promise to if the hair is very wet.

  • Size Of Plate:

Go home or go big? What iron size is ideal for the hair? Anything which is smaller or one inch is a standard or small size iron as well as is good for nearly anyone.

However, this particular size is perfect for short locks and even if you need to do a different styling with this too after that one inch will be the best option.

If the flat iron is bigger than 1″ in width, it’s a big iron as well as works greater for the longer hair because they’re not as accurate as smaller hair straighteners.

  • Plate Material:

Exposed metal or glass plates won’t be superior heat conductors as well as can be truly hard on the hair.

Additionally, there is more risk of damaging the hair because there might be the hot spots. The uncoated plates can be more prone to snag.


Last but not least, after many arguments and discussion, I and my other stylists ultimately came to the conclusion that the top 10 hair straighteners [d4] mentioned-above are the best.

Needless to say, they feel very light on hand and also are simple to move; they work perfectly with different types of hairs such as natural, treated, curly, wet and dry.

The above gadgets heat up pretty fast for speedy performance and also are energy efficient so that you can save power.

At the same time, they are made sturdily to endure knocks, impacts, high heat, and mishandling.

Other reasons I selected these products from the broad selection contain affordable, elegant, weight, right size, and ergonomic design.

The winner of this round-up review is the Philips HP8302 Selfie Essential Straightener. [d5] I loved it as it has ceramic plates, can straighten hair with care and do not heat up excessively to harm your hair.

This is inexpensive and can also be utilized as a hair curler too. Most importantly, it is supported with 2 years warranty by Philips to give you no cost repairing in case it ever stops working or gets damaged.

The runner-up product is Remington S5500 Anti-Static Hair Straightener. [d6] It is undoubtedly the best one you can go for. Its great performance and best features make it the ideal one for you.

However, you can make your own choice. But, make sure that you read the guide provided above so that you can get the best one without any hassle.

Hopefully, you found this post very helpful. I hope you share this post with the friends on social media.

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