Top 10 Best Gifts for Girls

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Tweens and teenage girls are not the easiest to shop for; many gifts seem immature or too dull. However, there is an easy way around this. You simply need to think outside of the box, beyond what you think you know about her. Find those things that she loves but may not openly talk about and surprise her with that. The more “adult” it seems, the better.

That said here are a few ideas of not so obvious gifts for your tween and teenage girls.

1. Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

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For a girl that loves music and singing, a high-quality karaoke machine would be a good gift idea for a birthday or special occasion. There are many options available that are inexpensive but have everything you need to make a karaoke night successful. Look for models with disco lights and some built-in options of songs.

Some other features to look for include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect to compatible devices such as a phone or tablet for streaming music and lyrics.
  • RCA output jack. This makes it easier to connect to the TV and makes it more inclusive for friends or family. This is best for viewing lyrics on a bigger screen.
  • USB connection. With this feature, you can connect to your phone or even a flash drive for recording or playing music.

We suggest taking a look at the Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System. It has a CD drive at the top that can be used to load music and even lyrics. Included is a microphone with echo-canceling features that help in cleaning up the sound so that she can record herself, and it will sound great. The wooden speaker box delivers excellent sound clarity. It also features 54 disco lights with the option to reduce intensity.


  • Clear sound.
  • Playing music from different devices is easy
  • Has an LED display showing the song number


  • Needs a stereo cable

2. Echo Dot Kids – Smart Assistant

Echo Dot Kids Addition

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If your daughter always wants to play and make requests with your Alexa Echo, here is a chance to get her one of her own. It is an excellent way of giving her access to plenty of music, games, and other age-appropriate content. It grants her the independence she needs to feel like a grown-up while you can also be sure that she is protected from unsafe content.

One of the best devices available for children is the Echo Dot Kids Edition. It has applications and commands that are suited for your child so that she can have fun making requests without you worrying about censorship. With the purchase, you get one-year free time unlimited access to all authorized content that you can set using the app. You can also view the latest activity, so you can always monitor what your child is searching and listening to.


  • Access to kid-safe content
  • Ability to limit what your child listens to
  • Affordable at $2.99/month after the first year


  • Need to set parental restrictions

3. Hasbro Hearing Things Game

Hasbro Hearing Things Game

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Girls always need fun games to play during sleepovers or girls trips. Guessing games are a great idea since they are fun and hardly get old, just like the recent craze of the whisper challenge. They are the perfect way for you to help your child foster creativity as well as attentiveness. The ideal game should enable your child to become sharper, which can also help in her school work.

One great example of a game that will get your girl excited and busy is the Hasbro Hearing Things Game. It aims to get the player to figure out what the other person is saying while wearing noise-canceling headphones. The headphones play different sounds and have a timer, so the player knows when her time is up. Included in the box are 150 cards with about 600 phrases that the other person whispers. She can play the game with her friends on teams or one on one with a bestie, and it is also fun for adults to play.


  • Fun for girls of all ages
  • Headphones are of excellent quality
  • Gameplay never gets old


  • Sound effect in the headphones can be too loud

4. Inatax Mini 9 Camera

Instax mini 9 camera

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Just like older teenagers, tweens love keeping up with what is hot, and what better way to do this than using a camera? Even if your child has restricted smartphone access, a camera is a great way to ensure that she is still able to take pictures of her daily life, which tweens and teens love to do. Some essential features to look for in a camera include:

  • Selfie mode. Selfies are almost the only type of pictures that matter to a tween, so the camera needs to show her what she’s taking a picture of in reverse mode.
  • Clarity. The tech world is too advanced for you to be forgiven for having low-quality photos, so the camera needs to produce clear and sharp images.
  • USB connectivity. This is to allow the smooth transfer of photos from the camera to a computer or printer.

The Instax Mini 9 is one camera that every tween would love to have. It doesn’t take digital images; instead, it prints the photos on paper. The camera shoots clear images with great frames that will look perfect on her photo wall. It has a new selfie mirror helps in taking great selfies and a lens adapter for taking clear pictures of objects between 35 and 50cm away.


  • Available in five colors
  • Takes at most four minutes to develop the photos
  • Has a high key mode for taking softer photos


  • Film packs are a bit costly

5. Harry Potter LEGO Building Set

Harry Potter LEGO Building Set

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LEGOs are a favorite toy for children and people of all ages. They are some of the most diverse toys ever to exist since they test your engineering skills as well as creativity. And there are many options available today in which you can construct almost anything you can imagine.

If your girl is a fan of LEGOs and Harry Potter, then this Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit is the perfect gift, with an incredible 878 pieces! Building the Hall is an adventure on its own that can capture anyone’s attention for hours. However, if she is creative, she can come up with different structures to build and her own storyline, thanks to the 10 figurines and wizardry accessories provided.


  • Diverse kit with plenty to explore
  • Detailed instructions
  • Compatible with all LEGO building kits


  • There are many pieces, so it is easy for some to get lost

6. Hue Motion Animation Studio Kit 

Hue Animation Studio Kit

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For lovers of movies and animation, what’s better than learning and being able to create their own films using everyday items? Sure, people do it every day using their cameras and phones, but it is an entirely different experience to learn the steps of actual animation or movie-making.

Some important points when buying a motion animation kit include:

  • Software. It should have easy-to-run software that will work on any operating system.
  • Guide. Unless you are an expert at animation, both of you will need some help to understand the steps to follow.
  • Quality. The set needs to be made of high-quality parts that won’t break while making the movie.

The HUE Animation Studio provides a fun set way to expand one’s creativity and learn an actual skill that may influence the girl’s hobbies and interests. In the package, you get a USB plug and play camera with a microphone, a comprehensive guide book, a software disc, and a USB cable. It is easy to learn to make movies with the help of the animation book. Your child can create different scenes using simple tools and expand her creativity to involve bigger and more advanced materials.


  • Great set for learning about movie-making
  • Camera is of high quality and shoots well
  • Easy to set up and start shooting


  • The software is not the smoothest to run

7. Lip Balm DIY Makeup Set

Lip Balm Boutique Set

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Most girls love playing with makeup even before their teen years, so this would be an excellent gift idea. It will give her a better idea of what goes into making some of her favorite items. It is also a fun way to spend time doing something creative with friends, and she can gift friends some of the products that she makes.

One great example of this is the SmartLab Toys All Natural Balm Boutique, which is a lip balm-making kit. The set is not only for making lip balms, though. It has molds for creating lotion bars and sugar lip scrub. It can be a fun activity to engage with your daughter or for a sleepover with friends. All the ingredients are natural, so there’s no danger in using this kit.


  • All-natural ingredients with various flavors
  • Molds for lip balms and lotion bars
  • Easy-to-follow instruction booklet


  • Only one mold for each product

8. Huion H420 USB Graphics Design Tablet

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet

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Girls too love tech, and for one who aspires to be a graphics designer or animator, a graphics design tablet would be a prized first kit. It allows her to learn how to design anything from comic book characters to a design for a printed t-shirt.

When buying this kind of tablet, you need to consider:

  • Cost. Graphics design tablets and boards can be quite costly, so make sure you explore to find one within your budget.
  • Ease of use. It should have a manual on how to use the board and should have a sensitive screen.
  • Compatibility. The board needs to be compatible with various design software programs for hassle-free learning.

The Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet is a great first purchase in this category. It costs less than $40 for the tablet, scrolling pen, a two-finger glove, a digital cleaner, and a soft-lined case. It’s compatible with all the significant graphics design software programs, and the screen is touch-sensitive, but the digital pen works even better. The setup is fundamental, and anyone with necessary computer skills can do it.


  • Easy-to-understand tool for learning graphic design
  • Has a beginner level that makes it easier to learn
  • The pen has free backup extensions


  • The tablet is a bit small

9. Not A Parent Approved Card Game

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids

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Everybody loves card games since they are interactive, fun, and you never know what to expect- unless you play it enough times. A good card game is essential for sleepovers, game nights, and on trips since they are attention-grabbing and engaging. They help your girl think outside the box and expect the unexpected.

One such game is the Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, which is inspired by the Cards for Humanity game but censored. It is an excellent game for your daughter to have when expecting friends over since they could play for hours without getting bored. There are 455 durable cards in the pack, so there is more than enough material to keep them interested for many games. It is appropriate for children age 12 and above, so it would be a great birthday present for game time.


  • Funny, interactive questions
  • High-quality game cards
  • Great way to have fun away from screens


  • Some questions may be a bit explicit for very young children

10. Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Skateboard

Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Skateboard

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If your girl is interested in skateboarding, then you should consider getting her a good beginner model. It needs to be stable and comfortable to cruise so that she can learn how to balance and work on a few tricks.

Some specs to look for when buying a beginner skateboard include:

  • The deck. This is the width, which should not be less than 7.5 inches for perfect street skating
  • Wheels. Should be smaller and lightweight since they’re easier to roll and flip.
  • Shape. Depends on preference, but keep away from cruisers and retro-shaped boards.

One great skateboard is the Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop-Thru Bamboo, which makes it simpler to learn the basics of skateboarding. It is easy to ride since it is stable, so you shouldn’t expect too many accidents. It is a durable board that can take the heat of heavy use, so you won’t need to buy another one too soon.


  • Light and steady board, perfect for learning
  • Easy to find replacement parts and upgrade
  • Can easily maneuver around potholes and curves


  • Not suitable for riding in the rain

Gifts for girls don’t need to be all about dolls and personal care products. Going the extra mile to find unique presents that she will love will make her extra happy. Surprise your tween or teen girl with any of the above gifts depending on her interest, and she will thank you for it.

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