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Despite the increasing popularity of soft copies, printers are still very relevant. Whether you’re thinking of starting a small firm, or you’re missing one in your existing office, you should be thinking of getting one by now – that’s probably why you’re reading this now. Printers could also be used at home for various reasons including converting books and other study materials to hard copies for ease of study (some of us still prefer the good ol’ paperback) and printing some materials and pictures for a better feel. Plus, printers can be seen as the pathway to convert between hard and soft copies, as most printers come with scanning features.

I’m sure you know printers got all these and even more cool features. The thought of parting with a fortune for a printer might be a source of discouragement to you. It shouldn’t be. That’s why we’ve put up a list of ten best color printers on Amazon, all of which go for less than a hundred dollars. This way, you don’t have to part with much money to get a great printer to serve your needs. Because we know how much of a daunting task combing through could be, we also save you the stress of scouring through Amazon to select a suitable one. From our list, you surely can find one that suits you, and for the best price.

1. Canon PIXMA TS8320

Canon Pixma TS8320

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Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Canon is a multinational company that has stayed relevant over the decades as a result of good-quality products. They’re renowned for the manufacture of imaging and optical products ranging from cameras, printers and even medical equipment.

Canon Pixma TS8320 is a product of Canon and should be considered by anyone looking for a quality, yet affordable color printer. It’s a sophisticated product that’s embedded with modern technology like touchscreen feature and wireless network connection. The 4.3” touchscreen makes it an easy-to-use device, and it’s ability to wirelessly print directly from your mobile phone makes it a convenient one. It connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It comes with a 6-color individual ink system, with individual colors in individual tanks. This feature ensures that a non-professional can seamlessly replace any exhausted ink. The photo blue ink tank helps increase image detail and lessens gradation, so this printer is ideal for image printing.


  • Sharp images and texts.
  • Once set up, it’s easy to use.
  • Wide compatibility and convenience (Compatible with iPhones, Android, memory cards, etc.)
  • Can print several types of printing (CD/DVD printing, nail stickers.) and on various paper sizes.
  • Beautiful exterior.


  • The plastic seems a little too light.
  • Set up could be easier.

2. Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730

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Epson has been around for a well over a hundred years and has always been found at the forefront of several technological inventions. Although they started off in the watch market, they have now spread their tentacles into the office equipment sector, and produce quality products including printers. Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730 is one of the many quality printers produced by Epson. This one is the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

This multipurpose printer caters to all your printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying needs. This top-quality printer comes with a fast speed of printing without compromising the quality of the output. It comes with a 500-sheet capacity. If you ask me I’d say that’s quite huge for a small, <$100 printer, and this means you get to replace your papers less often than usual.

The 2.7” touchscreen makes the WF-3730 easy to operate, even if you’re new to the world of printers. Compared to the average laser printer, I would say this printer has a much better output and Epson has attributed it to the precision core technology.



  • Fast print speed.
  • Multipurpose printer.
  • Lower printing cost.


  • Only Epson cartridges are compatible; it might be disadvantageous where they’re not readily available.

3. Brother MFC-J895DW Wireless Printer

Brother MFC-J895DW Wireless Printer

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Brothers started off in wake of the 20th century by producing sewing machines, but have since diversified into other machines and electronic equipment to suit the trend demands. Now a giant in the printer industry, Brother MFC-J895DW is one of their numerous quality printers. We recommend this printer because, with this, you’re not short of office-friendly options. Plus, the price is a steal.

If you’re one who cherishes ease of workflow, then this printer is made just for you. The 2.7” intuitive touchscreen makes navigating through the menus a seamless process. It has a wide range of smart connection options, and with the NFC technology, you can scan and print without connecting to a network. Another amazing feature of this inexpensive printer is its ability to directly scan-to and print-from popular cloud services including Google Drive and Dropbox. No device is needed for this feature.

For the cost-conscious, this printer economizes expenditure with its automatic two-sided printing and high-yield cartridges.


  • Multipurpose (Handles faxing, scanning, photocopying)
  • Quality text print.
  • Easily one of the cheapest printers out there.
  • Easy setup
  • An easy-to-use manual comes with it.


  • The image print quality could be better.
  • The printer is not quiet

4. Canon PIXMA TS6120

Canon PIXMA TS6120

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Yet another masterclass from Canon with the cost-minded user in mind. Canon meticulously put together this printer for a pleasurable printing experience.

This all-in-one printer does not only serve more than basic printing functions, but it also does all these easily and conveniently. It wirelessly connects with all your favorite devices via any of the many connection options you choose. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, Google cloud, etc. It also has a regular USB option.

As a cost-effective option, it comes with an automatic duplex printing feature that enables you to save up to 50% of paper cost.  The ink is also high-yield. Plus, it comes with five individual ink cartridges, so you only get to replace the exhausted ink box – not everything. The printer is sleek and can fit into small spaces at home and in the office.

One amazing feature is the document-removal feature. This ensures you don’t lose your original while duplicating. After photocopying, the machine pops up a message reminding you to remove your document. Amazing, right?


  • Small and compact design.
  • Wireless connectivity to both mobile phones and computers.
  • Wide range of printables.
  • Excellent print quality.


  • No SD card slot.
  • Ink usage is quite high.

5. HP Jet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printers

HP Jet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printers

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Founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, HP has gone from manufacturing audio oscillators for Walt Disney to being a household name in the office equipment manufacturing industry. HP Jet 4650 is just another product from this reliable manufacturers.

Although it is most suitable for printing photos, HP Jet 4650 can also print your documents cleanly. Besides the print function, HP Jet also serves as a scanner, a fax machine, and a copier. Using the HP high-yield ink cartridges, you may print up to twice the number of pages an average ink cartridge will permit for even higher quality. And the duplex printing feature helps you save paper.

The laser-quality text and brilliant for promises topnotch photos and documents each time using this printer. It can print from a mobile phone (apple or android) via a Wi-Fi connection. It can also run remotely and without any network connection. It supports various paper sizes including 3×5 to 8.5×14. This product is lightweight and its conveyance is quite easy. You won’t have to spend a fortune on shipping fees.


  • Lightweight.
  • Great print quality.
  • Auto-deploying output tray.
  • Easy setup


  • Not compatible with HP 61 ink – just 63

6. Canon PIXMA TS6320

Canon PIXMA TS6320

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Canon PIXMA TS6320 is a simple and stylish printer that can be used almost anywhere. It’s smart enough to extend its tray to hold your papers once you press print – you won’t need to open it manually. It’s small, light,  and sleek, making it more suitable for home use.

The 1.44” OLED display and LED status bar makes this printer easily navigable and operable. The printer also connects with Android and iOS smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Inks can be replaced individually, as it comes with five separate ink tanks. Plus, it’s eligible for Amazon’s Dash Replenishment offer, so you get to spend 10% less on inks.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy setup
  • Double-sided printing feature.


  • Inks could be cheaper.
  • It doesn’t come with a cable.

7. Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer, MFC-J491DW

Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer, MFC-J491DW

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Brother MFC-J491DW connects easily with your favorite devices and comes with cool features that make it ideal for your home, small office or dorm room. It’s compact, economical and efficiently delivers high-quality printing, copying, faxing and scanning without breaking a sweat.

Some of its key features include the 1.8” color display that makes menu navigation very easy and its ability to connect directly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Brother Cloud Apps. It also features cloud connectivity to cloud sources like Google Drive and Dropbox, and automatic paper feeder with a tray of up to 100 papers.


  • Light and sleek
  • Near Field Communication (To connect without network.)
  • High-speed printing.
  • Easy setup


  • Image printing quality could be better

8. Canon PIXMA MP560

Canon PIXMA MP560

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Not much needs to be said here. If you’re looking for a printer to produce good quality documents and images without breaking the bank, the Canon PIXMA MP560 should be on top of your list.

For a printer less than a $100, this is one of the best. Not only doesn’t print with quality but the scanning power is also high. This masterpiece from Canon is smart enough to sense the type of document you’re scanning or copying and works on it accordingly. It scans with a resolution as high as 2400×4800 dpi which is the highest resolution used in all-in-one scanners.

This isn’t one of those annoying printers that you swear at daily, it saves your time by picking up only a few seconds after you hit the poser button and ejects your crisp and clean documents even faster than you envisaged.

As a pocket-friendly printer, the ink lasts really longer than average printers and Canon has attributed it to the 1pl technology which ensures minimum ink droplet size as low as 1 trillionth of a liter. The duplex print function also helps you save up to ½ of your papers.


  • 2.0” LCD display.
  • The “2-way paper feed” feature saves you of most of the time spent on changing papers.
  • Blue tooth and Wi-Fi connection available.
  • Convenient printing options including memory card, USB 2.0, and PictBridge.
  • Seamless setup procedure.


  • Canon customer support is sometimes unresponsive.

9. Canon PIXMA MX532

Canon PIXMA MX532

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Canon seems to have the cost-minded individual at heart and that’s why there are a plethora of Canon printers in the market for less than the cost of a weekend hangout. This high-speed printer is compatible with a wide range of papers including, but not limited to, plain papers, photo paper glossy, matte photo paper and envelopes. It’s also compatible with several operating systems – likely including yours. It features a printer that delivers clear and accurate documents and photos, a high-resolution scanner, a copier, and fax functionality.

It prints effortlessly from Android and iPhones and connects via any of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPrint or Ethernet. It also has a USB port if you prefer wired connections.

As most user-friendly printers, it has the duplex print function to save you 50% of your papers, which can amount to quite a fortune over time.


  • Prints really well.
  • Syncs easily with your device for easy usage.
  • Great borderless photos.


  • It’s a tad noisy.
  • It doesn’t print on CDs.

10. Epson XP-6100 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson XP-6100 Wireless Color Photo Printer

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And… last but definitely not the least on this list is the Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 wireless color photo printer. If you’re looking for a printer to produce lucid hard copies of the family photos taken in the last holiday, then this one’s for you. Not only is the output clear – it’s fast. It prints out borderless photos in less than 20 seconds making it one of the fastest in the market.

It connects easily with iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc., and has an amazing hands-free, voice-activated print feature so you can print from across the room. And although it’s tagged a photo printer, it can print your everyday documents including your to-do and shopping lists for readability and accessibility.

This printer is inexpensive to run and maintain as it comes with a two-sided print feature and a collection of affordable ink cartridges. All five colors come individually and only the exhausted cartridge needs to be replaced. For optimal performance, it’s advised you use only Epson cartridges on this printer. As a plus, it comes with a sleek, beautiful design.


  • High-resolution printing
  • Great scan quality.
  • It doesn’t need a computer to function.


  • No fax feature.
  • It doesn’t support Linux OS.

Printer Care Tips

Now because we love you and your printer, we’ll close with some tips to help elongate your printer’s life. Some of you already feel these printers are “cheap” and they don’t last long. Admittedly, some products are flawed. Sometimes though, it’s a lack of maintenance that makes some of your printers last shorter than they should have lasted. Let’s run through a few tips to help you with your printers.

  • Position It Carefully: Treat your printer like a baby and don’t just place it on the first available space. Space should be well ventilated and devoid of dust.
  • Keep It Clean: Accumulations of dust, inks and other debris can be detrimental to your printer’s health. Take out time to attend to these. Wipe with a soft cloth – or, better still, use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Prevent Clogged Nozzles: Inkjet printers get clogged up when left for a while. Your best shot at avoiding this is to moisten the nozzles by printing, at least, once in two weeks.
  • Clean The Printer Heads: Once white lines start running through printed documents, it’s a pointer that the printer head needs cleaning. Consult your manual for the easy steps to effectively do this. Certain printers also have a self-clean function that can easily be activated. Again, consult your printer manual.
  • Choose The Right Paper: Photo papers are great, but not cost-effective if you’re a heavy printer. Your best shot will be to get branded papers from the manufacturer of your printer. Being the manufacturers of the printer and the ink, they have a better understanding of the right paper for your printer.
  • Choose The Right Ink: Choose inks that are compatible with your printer. Sometimes, third-party inks are great. They’re cost-effective and environment-friendly since they’re mostly recycled. However, if they turn out to be incompatible with your printer, don’t force it. Stick to manufacturer’s ink for your printer’s sake.
  • Fix Mechanical Errors: Don’t ignore mechanical errors on your printer – fix them! Contact your manual, contact your manufacturer’s customer support or a professional. Just get it done and continue having a great experience.
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