Top 6 Best Matcha Green Tea Powder Reviews

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Matcha Green Tea Powder is basically finely grounded green tea powdered. This is processed in a special way and the special process includes growing the Tea Leaves in shade and they are harvested with a lot of care. This answers your question about what is matcha green tea powder. Now let us look at the benefits of matcha green tea powder so that you can also use this magical green tea matcha powder in your daily life.

Benefits of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Here are the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea.

  • The Tea is known to be a powerhouse of anti-oxidants and it delivers a high dosage of anti-oxidants which are known to prevent cancer and other such diseases.
  • Another amazing property of Matcha Green Tea is that it increases the metabolic activities of the body and this also helps in burning the calories at a faster pace.
  • Matcha is also known for the detoxification properties and it is surely better than the regular green tea when it comes to the detoxification process.
  • As per the nutritional facts of the Matcha Green Tea, the tea also has a high dosage of vitamins, zinc, fiber and other important minerals.
  • If you have cholesterol or blood sugar then consuming Matcha Green Tea can help you in reducing the cholesterol. In addition to this, the green tea can also help you in regulating the blood sugar.
  • The organic matcha green tea also helps in elevating the mood and enhancing the concentration power of the people. This is surely another great benefit of the tea.

If you are wondering about where to buy the Matcha Green Tea Power then just for your information, it is easily available on online stores and in addition to this, you can also buy Match Green Tea Powder from Starbucks as the Starbucks matcha green tea powder is natural and their recipe is also quite amazing.

Best Buy Matcha Green Tea Powder Reviews

Let us now look at the top 6 matcha green tea powder available in the market. We have listed pros and cons of the brand. There are many variants available in each brand and you can decide the one you want to buy as per your taste

1. Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder - Japanese Organic Culinary Grade Matcha

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Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • This is an in-house brand of Kiss Me Organics and they have 4 different flavors available in this brand.
  • You can buy a bamboo whisker for a better flavor in your tea.
  • The standard serving size for this is 1 teaspoon.


  • The energy released after the drink is quite sustainable and it helps you in staying chirpy for next 4 to 6 hours.
  • The drink is a healthy alternative to coffee or tea and there are virtually no calories in the drink.


  • The delivery could be delayed as the product is procured directly from Japan
  • The solubility of the powder may be an issue as it the usually leaves some residue which can be a turn off for many people.

2. Kenko Tea Matcha Green Tea Powder

Kenko Tea Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Kenko Tea Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • The brand is known for organic products with high-quality
  • The tea comes in a reusable metal box and it can be easily used for many things apart from storing tea
  • The tea is made in Japan and the tea is known for its flavor
  • The tea provides you with a sudden jolt of energy because of presence of caffeine in the tea


  • The product is widely loved by the users and one of the reasons for this is the price tag.
  • There are no issues with the flavor of the tea and it is between mild and strong


  • There are no different flavors available with the brand.

3. Kirkland Matcha Green Tea Powder

Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese Green Tea

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Kirkland Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • There are different size available for this brand but there are no flavors available.
  • Bulk purchase for this brand always proves to be cheaper and this is one of the reasons for the high rating.
  • The tea has many health benefits and this is surely one of the best brand available in the market.


  • The main advantage is that the brand is easily available.
  • The brand is known for the quality and these made in Japan tea has no quality issues


  • Some people find the taste to be a little strong for their taste buds as they were able to feel the bitterness of the tea easily.
  • There is no variety of flavors in this specific product.

4. Encha Organic Matcha

Encha Organic Matcha

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Encha Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • This product available in a form of a mini box which contains 10 packs of 2 gram each.
  • The matcha green tea is available in 4 flavors and 6 different sizes which make it easy for people to purchase in bulk and avail discounts.


  • This is one of the most affordable matcha green tea in the market
  • The quantity is pre-measured and hence you do not have to worry about measuring the dosage.
  • The flavor of the latte is really amazing and it is not at all strong.
  • Can be made using the cold water as well.


  • This tea is a little less soluble than the other brands available in the market.

5. Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

Uji Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Powder

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Uji Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • Uji Matcha is available in four different flavors and these flavors are Daily Zen, Pure Zen, Spring Zen, and
  • There are different packings for different quantity and the size differs from 30 Grams to 100 Grams.
  • All the products from this brand are toxic free and you do not have to worry about the purity of the products as well.


  • There is a good variety of different type of Matcha available with this brand.
  • The tea comes in a tin packing which can be reused for various another purpose.
  • The price of the tea is really affordable and it will never burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Most of the people find it bitter and they mix honey or another sweetener in their Matcha Green Tea.

6. Epic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Epic Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder

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Epic Matcha Green Tea has Following Specifications

  • This is known to be the best brand when it comes to Matcha Green Tea.
  • There are three flavor’s available in the brand and along with this, there is two sizes of the boxes available for purchase.
  • The tea comes with an EBook for the recipes and you can try all of these recipes for your new tea. The book contains about 37 recipes.


  • There is no denial about the health benefits of the Matcha Green Tea and in addition to this, it comes in a very attractive tin.
  • In addition to this, the flavors are of premium quality and they are available easily.


  • Some people may find the flavor to be a little strong.
  • It is one of the most expensive Matcha Green Tea available in the market and there are many cheap alternates available.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea

If you already got the Matcha Green tea and if you are not sure about how to make it then here is the process of making the Matcha Green Tea

  • The first step of the process is to heat the water. You can use a regular stove to heat the water.
  • Now, add a spoon of matcha green tea powder to a cup and add a few drops of hot water to the cup. Mix it thoroughly so as to make a paste of this matcha green tea powder. This will ensure that there are no lumps in the tea.
  • In the final step, you just have to mix the water into the paste and whisk it properly to make the tea

If you are concerned about the intake of the Matcha Green Tea then you must know that the ideal intake of this tea powder is half teaspoon to 2 teaspoons and you must avoid consuming tea more than this. You can take your daily cup of matcha green tea every day in the morning after getting up. This will help you in detoxification of your body and in addition to this, you will be able to lose weight. In addition to this, as per the general recommendations, you must avoid having Matcha Green Tea at end of the day because caffeine in the tea will make you hyperactive. In addition to this, the side effect may include insomnia, vomiting, and headache.

These are the best Matcha Green Brands available and these are easily available on the online marketplace. In addition to this, these are easily available. We tried to go through many reviews of Top Matcha Green Tea so as to give you complete information about the products. You can surely choose one of this Green Tea and avail the health benefits.

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